Let’s get cooking

The kitchen has evolved into something far more grandiose than just a place for cooking and eating meals. It has become the hub of the home, a place where everyone is welcome, and where family and friends gather. Simply said, life happens in the kitchen.

The kitchen is also the place that sees more meals prepared, more food cooked and more dishes dirtied than ever before. Fortunately, designers made most small appliances, utensils and gadgets on the market today purposed to help us make the most of the time we spend in the kitchen. Some, like the ones below, will even have you headed lickety-split to Calgary’s kitchenware retailers listed in the FindHomeStores.com directory.

Stand mixer. Fold, stir, mix, whip and beat while keeping both your hands free. This small appliance is much more costly than your typical hand mixer but for the next 15 years it will make life in the kitchen a whole lot easier.

Blender. Not just for margaritas, a blender is capable of accomplishing many of the tasks as a stand mixer but on a much smaller scale and is a good stand in for some food processor jobs.

Great knives. A set of great knives is costly; there’s no getting around it. If you can only afford one knife, choose one that’s multipurpose, then purchase others as your finances allow.

Kitchen shears. You’ll turn to kitchen shears more than you think and each time you’ll wonder how you ever managed without a pair. They’re great for cutting whole chicken, snipping herbs, opening packages and any other kitchen cutting need.

Cutting boards. You’ll want multiple cutting boards, each for a specific purpose. You’ll use one for vegetables and another for meats. Avoid the risk of contamination from bacteria—never cut veggies on the same board as meat. Cutting boards serve double duty as appetizer trays, too.

Wooden Spoons. The only spoon that doesn’t scratch and won’t melt, wooden spoons don’t conduct heat up their handles, are relatively inexpensive and last for years.

Anything nesting. Save a ton of space by using nesting bowls, spoons, measuring cups, serving trays, etc.

Quality cookware. Stainless steel pots and pans are sturdy enough to last for upwards of 15 years and have the added convenience of being oven safe.

Cabinet drawers. Big drawers reduce wasted space and maximize cabinet storage potential.

Rollouts. Rollouts are another great way to maximize your storage potential without losing the look of cabinets. Unlike big drawers, rollouts slide into place, concealed behind a cabinet door.

Magnetic racks. Free up close to a square foot of counter space when you throw out the knife block and instead opt for a wall mounted magnetic strip.

Put another pot on the stove. Make room for three pots in stove space meant for two by laying a steel slab across the existing burners. While the steel distributes heat, a third pot on the stove top gets more food cooked in less time.

Wrapping it up, here is a great tip to an almost-instantly cleaner looking kitchen.

Sponge tray. Hide sponges and other unsightly sink oddities in trays that mount behind the false drawer typically found on the cabinet frame in front of the sink.

First published August 21, 2014 on FindHomeStores.com

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