Making room for baby

Photo courtesy of Jorge Cruz
Photo courtesy of Jorge Cruz

Of all the things you must do to prepare for the birth of your baby, readying the nursery room is quite possibly the most fun. It’s even safe to assume that some would admit to having a blast while setting up for baby.

Others, well, maybe not so much. After all, there is a lot to consider when it comes to decorating a nursery room.

For starters, there’s the choosing of your baby’s nursery color scheme, which, as tasks go, can be a real doozy. Gone are the days of pink for girls and blue for boys. Technology now allows you to create a nursery room of any color within your imagination.

Still, if you want to paint the nursery before bringing baby home and not run the risk of a redo, choose a gender-neutral color. Technology isn’t perfect, you know. The baby boy your doctor said is certain could very well be a girl.

Ah, but one thing is certain: Interior designers listed in the Services section of the directory can assist you in choosing the right color scheme for your baby’s nursery, even furniture, window coverings, accent decor and more.

While color-scheme decisions challenge some, other expectant parents tackle the question of whether the cost of baby furniture outweighs its purpose. In reality, there is no hard fast rule that says you must purchase baby furniture. Still, although making due could save you some money, it is prudent to keep in mind that manufacturers of baby furniture follow legal regulations put in place to keep your baby safe. Consider speaking with a professional listed in the directory of Calgary’s furniture retailers before making your final decision.

In addition to choosing the safest nursery furniture possible for your baby, there are simple measures you can take to reduce your baby’s risk of injury, like installing covers on electrical outlets and placing cord wind-ups on window blinds. Each come two per package and typically cost less than $3—a budget-friendly price point, money well spent. You can purchase baby-proofing products in Calgary at retailers like Cherry Four and West Coast Kids.

The age of your home has a lot to do with how safe your baby’s nursery is, too. When your home was built could indicate whether lead lay hiding in the paint. According to Canada website BabyCenter, “up until the mid-1960s” paint manufacturers used lead in their products. The site advises that houses “built before the 1970s” still having “original coats of paint may contain some lead” which can be sealed with an over-coating of modern paint.” However, the site warns that “if the paint is in bad condition and is peeling, it should be removed.”

To the rescue, Our directory’s Service category offers a comprehensive directory category of home renovation specialists serving Calgary and its surrounding areas. Encompassing more than just lead abatement, is your one-stop resource for total baby nursery safety.

First published September 5, 2014, written by Teri Barth, Freelance Online Editor for

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