DIY: Homework HQ

Homework HQBack-to-school time is synopsis with clothes shopping, after-school activities and homework  headaches. For many parents, getting a child to sit and do schoolwork after spending hours in a classroom is challenging. However, studies show that the likelihood of children accomplishing their tasks increases when they have a dedicated workspace.

Having an efficient and well-organized space to do schoolwork is not only important for a child’s academic success, it reduces study-time stress and helps get work done sooner. Put simply, kids need a headquarter of their own for getting schoolwork done, they need a Homework HQ.

Homework isn’t just for kids though. At, we did some homework of our own, researching workstation set-ups to help you in your plight to create the perfect Homework HQ for your child.

Quiet, please. Choose a spot as distraction-free as possible—children work best in an environment that allows them to focus. Avoid areas where the TV is within your child’s line of sight and stay clear of areas where the bustling of family members may tempt your child to detour from their work.

Work smarter, not harder. If your child works at a desk or a designated countertop doesn’t matters as much as if the surface they work from is conducive to getting their work done. Work surfaces should be of proper height and clean up easily. If you decide a new Homework HQ desk is in order, click here. With the help of furniture retailers listed on the directory, you’re certain to find a desk perfectly fit for your child.

Get seated. Your child’s chair sets the tone of their homework experience. Sitting in a chair that that doesn’t accommodate height or one that does not provide good back support could discourage your child from staying put until their work is done. The right chair for your child is waiting at a Calgary furniture retailer near you, listed here in the directory.

Shine some light on the subject. Like a good chair, sufficient lighting is a must-have. A dimly lit workplace not only makes doing homework more difficult, it puts a strain on young eyes. lights the way to the perfect lamp when you click here.

The writing is on the wall. Heavy homework loads make it difficult for students to remember what’s due and when. A wall calendar within your child’s reach that has space for penciling in assignments and due dates is a great way to keep track of it all. As your child crosses off each assignment they complete, they’ll receive an instant boost of encouragement. Schedule yourself some shopping-for-calendar time at Calgary’s décor retailers listed on

Lost and Found. Things tend to disappear amid the chaos of a messy workspace. Teach your child organizational skills and provide storage for homework supplies, including holders for pens and pencils, lidded boxes for storing extra paper and drawer trays to keep smaller items such as paper clips, erasers and staples from straying and a wall organizer for permission slips and other items that require your attention.

Knowledge is power. If your child uses a laptop while doing homework, keeping it powered is critical. Be certain to equip outlets with power strips that protect electronics with from electrical surges. Professional electricians are available to assist. Find them listed in the Home Renovators category on

Do the math. Set a budget and stick to it—an efficient Homework HQ needn’t be elaborate. A quick search in the Home Accents category of returns home décor, rug and window covering retailers certain to offer a plethora of budget-friendly ideas.

Raise your hand. If you have questions or need assistance, is your source for answers. In addition to furniture retailers, places to buy HOMEWORK HQ décor, rugs and window coverings, our database includes professional interior designers and home renovation experts.

Teri Barth, freelancer online editor
First published August 28, 2014 on

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